Smart File Manager

Manage your files

It is the Simplest, Powerful, Small, Free and Perfect App to manage your Photos, Videos, Documents, Music, Apps, Cloud Storage and many things in your mobile.

A Made in India app

Manage your files with our app

Smart File Manager Key Features:

File Compression & Conversion

Compress and extract files or folders

Key Features:

Cloud Storage

Access and manage your cloud services

Key Features:

Safe Box

Make your files and folder secure

Key Features:

Premium Themes

Adjust the look and feel

Key Features:

Application Manager

Manage your apps

Key Features:

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Remote file manager

Access and Manage your android device storage with your computer

Key Features:

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Users Reviews

"It's awesome! Easy to rename files, copy, explore and you can see the size and file type at a glance. Best app I found for transferring files when in same network using FTP feature. I have been using it since long and never had even a single issue."
Abhijeet karn
24 December 2021
"Superb app, fulfill all my requirements. Specialy safe box where all my docs are safe and FTP, SMB. Many shortcuts for accessing file.Realy loved it."
R 2
21 December 2021
"Thank you very much - just installed this and from the Windows perspective - FANTASTIC! Within Android copying to an SMB fails - I will have to look further into this. I've been poking around looking for some time and from Windows it just works - THANK YOU very much."
Chris Hutnik
2 December 2021
"It is the best file management app. I deleted all other's. It can connect almost all cloud file storage including Google, Microsoft etc."
Wayne Zhou
27 November 2021
"Just wanted to say this : when we search file Manger cloud, your app already comes at the first place in the search. You might wanna stop the ads. & good job guys. Awesome app"
7 November 2021
"Finally an update after 2 years of no updates. 6.0.2: Best file app before the changes, but I really dislike the change of icons, give back the blue folder icons from previous version. Also, you made the app icons bigger (like in apk screen), make it like before. The tabs look better but 1) it's still not full screen. Hide tabs too when you scroll. and 2) it's very tedious to close the tabs. When you press back (instead of swipe), the tab should close. Tabs improve navigation though."
Kelly Madison
15 January 2022
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